Ecclesiastical Weaving

Judy Sheppard <jshepp@...>

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year, I hope everyone has a wonderful fibre filled year.

My next project is a woven altar cloth for out church's new altar. I
have ordered "Weaving for Worship" (which won't arrive for another
week or so)
Does any one have this? Will I find anything useful in it?

I have decided on a natural white cotton warp and silk weft (approx.
40/2??) Does that sound OK.

I would rather incorporate some sort of pattern – cross or other
Christian symbols.

Now for the major question – what type of pattern (I'll be weaving
on an 8 shaft floor loom)?

I was thinking maybe summer and winter, but I am not very familiar
with it, as I haven't used it since I was at college about 14 yrs

I would very much appreciate any and all suggestions, ideas and
discussion. Thanks for your help.

One other totally unrelated question. At the end of the month I will
be taking an online quilting class. I thought the idea of this was
a wonderful one, is there anything like it for weaving?

Thanks for all your help, Judy

Ann Shafer

I have done several clerical pieces. I did several with block weaves and
warp painted yarn; one with a advancing twill, again on dyed yarn--a gradation
dyed silk warp with black silk; I also did another with gradation dyed silk warp
and with crosses done in twill inlay. I especially liked the ones with
gradation dyed silk, since the colors matched the chairs in the church.
Ann Shafer

Ruthie, the Weaver <ruthieanderson@...>

I have decided on a natural white cotton warp and silk weft (approx.
40/2??) Does that sound OK.

I embroidered one for my mother's church and it has to be washed, so you may want to make sure that it is washable and not dry cleaned only. Dry cleaning is expensive and has to be taken to the cleaners and picked up. Our church did not want to be bothered with that. The one that I did was washable. I embroidered the symbols of the church in gold floss. It has held up well. To embroider it, I printed the church symbols on graph paper and then used the chart to do a very fine cross-stitch.