coveting an oxabeck----


At 05:01 PM 8/31/2001 +0000, Bill Koepp wrote:

actually, explanation is rather straight forward
as small child i watched a lady in so calif weaving damask. i said, when i grow up i will do that. then in 1982 or maybe 85 swedish lady name of barbro bengston taught at CNCH in california and maybe convergence and brought the loom with her and with a least a single unit draw.

a friend of mine was faster in bidding than me. so she bought it. some years later i got a phone call that lady wanted to go to england and did i still want it at price she paid. of course i said yes

friend and i went with pickup truck
dismantled same and brought it home in something like an hour. i got the gazebo part back together in the next day or two. but i have all the "hangey down chimes" in a tight roll, waiting

so much for covetousness

i will put your name at head of list, if you still alive and i give up.....
ok??? nancy in mendo