storing reeds, Gilmore looms

Ruth Blau <ruthblau@...>

I read somewhere that someone used an old golf bag for this purpose. I have
some reeds in an umbrella stand.
I had understood from some past, dim memory that it's not a good idea to store reeds upright. That you should either lay them flat or suspend them upright (i.e., hang them). Is this an old weaver's tale? My reeds lie flat on the floor under a work table. They're out of the way & not hard to get to when I need to change reeds.

I agree w/ Francie that the Gilmore looms are wonderful. I have the 8-shaft Little Gem workshop loom, and I think it's the sturdiest workshop loom on the market. I loathe the Gilmore tieup system, however, and have converted my Little Gem to texsolv. I first saw this loom at Convergence at Portland (my first Convergence). As the preconference workshops were breaking up, I saw many people wheeling these looms out of the conference center. Gilmore looms aren't very well known on the east coast, and my reaction was, "What *is* that nifty loom???"

By the time I got around to ordering one, they had discontinued the 8-shaft model. I asked (this is when Mr. Gilmore was still alive) how many looms would have to be ordered for them to make a special run. "Oh, about 3," I was told. Working through the internet, we put together an order of 14, and they did a special production run for us. I believe subsequently (a year or so later) another group got together & the Gilmores did another special run.

Isn't it nice to have responsive vendors?