Collingwood Appreciation & Fiber Art


Peter, glad you are back! You ARE indispensible.

About the Fiber Art position, I've had many successful friends in the
field here in the Bay Area, most notably Barbara Shawcroft, whose
studio I lived in for a year while she taught at Boston U. These local
fiber artists quickly left me behind, by miles. I think I was just
made to be a happy small production weaver with the occasional art

My own experience and I think several others I've known would agree
that some of the most valuable education as weavers/fiber whatevers,
was in the fine arts and art history classes, not our weaving classes.
Mine was in art school at Kansas City Art Institute. Drawing,painting,
calligraphy, sculpture, industrial design based on Bauhaus precepts,
all added up to make one "think like an artist" My first love,
incidentally, was high fire handmade porcelain; then I came to San
Francisco and met Trude Guermonprez and that changed things
completely. Trude, I can say, to me represented true genius in the
textile world. Her impact on many of us was immeasurable. glen b.