quick return!

Johnetta Heil <luv2weave@...>

welcome back Peter!


Lamplight Creations
Leasburg, North Carolina

web page

Lynne E. Chick <lchick@...>

Glad to know you're still on, Peter.

Lynne in Maine

peter collingwood <peter@...>

I apologise for hasty announcement of departure from this group due to
exasperation with Yahoo's labyrinthine site. (NO, not another password
and ID to remember.. why not ask for passport number too and maiden name
of mother?!)

However Ruth Blau and Amy Norris with great kindness immediately
installed me again as a Digest receiver. So all is as before... and I
hope I may continue to contribute my occasional drops of knowledge into
the ocean of the world's weavers.

Peter Collingwood