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Katherine Gunn <kglist@...>

I wish I'd put all the electrical
outlets at chest level instead of ankle level.
I am so glad to hear you say this as this is what I want to do and DH
thinks it is a little crazy. Now I can tell him 'tain't so.
My contractor & electrician just rolled their eyes but I insisted on this -
mine are at waist level I guess you'd say - throughout the *whole house*,
with only a few exeptions - and I just love it !!! I never have to crawl
under furniture to plug things in. I have not found dangling cords to be a

I have included the light-switches in the same locations in quite a few
places (in the same face-plates as the base-plugs) - often just under or at
the ends of windowsills - This height also provides for future wheel-chair
accessibility of both plugs and switches should anyone need it - something
that should be included in any new construction these days.

In workshop and basement, I made them put the base-plugs in the ceiling,
which drove them even crazier! They work really well too!!

Katherine Gunn Ottawa, Canada <kglist@...>