Two things

paulroconnor <paulroconnor@...>

1. What am I weaving? been working on "Squaring the Square" for a couple
of months to resolve the many problems encountered and have moved into my
Mondrian mode. After years of loom controlled weaving, almost all of my
weaving requires pickup techniques. For the "squares" I have to make my
loom behave as though it had 52 shafts. For further details cstch my
seminar at Complex Weavers next August.

2. My studio is half of our guest bedroom in a condo (we don't exactly
encourage visitors!). One loom: a 48" 24 shaft compudobby with none of
the fancy bells and whistles but perfect for me. One cupboard for
storage,a bookcase and two computer desks that I searched long and hard for
to fit in the space next to the loom and a glass patio door. All this is
possible because I use only # 30 embroidery mercerized cotton that I can
buy locally at a sewing machine etc store in Minneapolis. From Madeira
really. I have 30-40 cones over a full color range that each hold 6000
yards so my storage problem is quite manageable. My days of wools and
silks and linens are behind me as well as any dyeing projects. EXCEPT the
Textile Center in the Twin Cities will soon be opening its new building
(really an old building used as a car salesroom, great space). Primary
purpose is to provide a venue for all the groups interested in textiles to
have a common home. The MN Weavers' Guild moves there next month.
Included will be a great dye lab.

My first message since the transfer to Yahoo. Let's see if it gets sent.
Paul O'Connor who apparently is being cloned at this very moment in Tucson