Re: 3 towels woven!

Holly Shaltz <holly@...>

If you have a look at Madelyn van der Hooght's method of tying up a CM loom (full size, though), there's also mention of using bungie cords to hold the beater back, so although you have to put a bit more effort into pulling it forward for the beat, it automatically returns to the best spot for the widest shed.

The pdf of her article is on her website, <>, "Countermarch Looms - Everything you've ever wanted to know".

Congrats on your towels :) I adore cottolin! I have some 8/1 tow linen, too, but haven't decided what to use it for as I find it kind of thick. Placemats would be great, but we don't use 'em. I figure eventually I'll come up with a runner design that could use a heavier weft than usual.


On 07/17/2014 12:32 PM, [WeaveTech] wrote:

Alas, I'm not going to keep the Ideal... I really loved it and especially the overhead beater.. a quick flick is all you need! But the arthritis in my thumbs and a couple of fingers, they were not happy with having to hold that beater back while throwing the shuttle. Funny that being on the floor for the tie-up didn't bother me... go figure!
granbury TX

3 towels woven!


I just finished weaving 3 towels in an M&W patterning on my Ideal... very fun! :)
I put some pictures in my album... you can find them under New Photos on the main home page of this list.

It was quite a learning curve to get the CM set up, I've only used counterbalanced and jack before.. .but it certainly was fun to learn and I can reliably throw a shuttle across without each throw ending in a floor dive!

I have wanted to use all 6 shafts, but couldn't settle on a draft and was keen to get on with the tie-up and weaving... the drafts I used were from Ann Dixon's pattern directory (interweave press) page 76.  I used all three treadlings on that page.

This was a prewound pink, dark pink, natural and white striped warp of cottolin that I have purchased years ago. After I started weaving I decided I SHOULD HAVE reversed the threading at the center... but it's not perfect and shows my inexperience as a weaver but I love it anyway...

Also, the instructions that came with the warp had it set closer than I used for a plain weave with a thin single ply tow linen... an 8 I think... but I set it at 20 epi and used 8/2 non mercerized cotton for weft.. I'm saving the linen weft yarn that came with the warp for some guest hand towels, preferably a huck weave, and a plain natural or cream colored cottolin warp in future.

I plan to weave next on my Schacht 4shaft low castle... I'm working my way up the ladder to a linen warp... but I also have some gorgeous hemp from Lunatic Fringe that I really want to use... Maybe a little summery top? towels? Huck? so little time and so many choices! Worse than quilting ever was! LOL

Alas, I'm not going to keep the Ideal... I really loved it and especially the overhead beater.. a quick flick is all you need! But the arthritis in my thumbs and a couple of fingers, they were not happy with having to hold that beater back while throwing the shuttle. Funny that being on the floor for the tie-up didn't bother me... go figure!

Wish I were able to do Convergence this year! Y'all have fun!! :))


granbury TX


16H AVL Production Loom for sale

Kim Kerley <kim.kerley@...>

I am selling my production loom as a
pretty complete system for someone.

16 Harness Dobby loom 60 inches wide - metal heddles
purchased refurbished # 01854
lots of extra dobby bars, pirns and 2-3 fly shuttles
original Compu Dobby I (not used by me)
1 yard sectional beam and Cloth Advance system
spongy wrapper on front beam
Single box flyshuttle with floor mount beater
Tension box and track mount system for warping
Cone rack for 56 cones (I used pirns instead)
All assembly/disassembly paperwork from AVL
and most original shipping. Would also include 1-2 reeds and yarns(?)
Loom is currently set up in Chehalis, WA and can be
viewed with an appointment. Disassembly assistance
is included but reassembly assistance depends on location.
Price $4500 includes all above parts. Reasonable offers will
be considered.

Contact me at or 360-740-4667

A Great Compliment !!!

Charlotte Lindsay Allison <cjla422@...> humble me! Your perseverance in your journey is mind boggling. I commend you and congratulate you. Thank you for giving us your pearls of wisdom.

I have been weaving since 1982 and many a rag rug since my beginning. Today, I am threading my first Rosepath for rag rugs and I find myself as excited as the day I understood how to throw a shuttle.

Thank you for sharing with all of us.

Charlotte Lindsay Allison

Re: Convergence Market


Sounds like heaven!!! :)

I'm still a recipe weaver, but I love reading yours and everyone's journeys!

Wish I were there.... But I finally get the Glimakra Ideal warped and 3 towels woven off. Not perfect, but learned tons! And I can throw a shuttle much better now... Thank you's for that to Laura Fry and Becky A!


Re: Convergence Market

Tien Chiu

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 4:45 AM, Kathy Olson
[WeaveTech] <> wrote:
Has Tien come up for air yet??? I think she's looking at those "Super-Looms"!!!
I'm here! I just spent the last four days on two supercharged trips to
check out the AVL Jacq3G, AVL's jacquard loom. I started by spending
two days studying digital jacquard design with Sandra Rude, then ran
up to AVL for two days to play with their Jacq3G. 760 miles of driving
in four and a half days, plus working 12+ hours/day on jacquard
design. Whew! I need a vacation now. But I was only home for twelve
hours before turning around and flying out again - this time on a
plane to Providence, to check out the TC-2 in the vendor hall. I'll be
spending three days there, learning how to use the TC-2.

I've written up some of the fun I had on my blog:

and here are the three specific blog posts on the subject: (pre-trip
preparation) (Day 1 at Sandra's) (Day 2 at
Sandra's plus my trip to AVL)

I haven't written up a feature comparison of the TC-2 and the Jacq3G
yet, but plan to do so (and share it) once I'm done at Convergence.

I hope I'm ok through a big day today - I only slept six hours, too
excited to go back to sleep!

Personal blog:

I'm writing a book!
Creating Craft: A Guide to Designing Original Pieces

Re: Convergence Market


I Sooooo have Convergence envy!!!!

Everyone please report on your classes and stuff in vendor hall!!!

Don't suppose they know where it is next???

Has Tien come up for air yet??? I think she's looking at those "Super-Looms"!!!


On Jul 17, 2014, at 3:21 AM, " [WeaveTech]" <> wrote:
Digital Weaving Norway is also here!! Come and see the TC-2.

Re: Convergence Market

Debbie Kaplan

My schedule for today:
Keynote speaker
John Marshall's pageantry of Japanese Textiles
Go take a first pass through the vendors
Meet up with guild mates for lunch
Gallery visits
Yardage gallery talk
Opening reception for RISD work
Midnight madness
Collapse into bed

I just got through the RISD Jacquard class. Utterly amazing. Everyone from the 8-shaft weavers to the most experienced Jacquard weavers got a lot out of the class and came away with amazing pieces. We also lucked out in having a truly amazing group of people. If RISD ever offers this class again, I highly recommend it.

Can't wait to finally get to the vendors today. Especially looking forward to a few who have not been to the north east  to my knowledge - Giovanna Imperia, John Marshal, and the TC-2 folks.

Regrets - the class schedule did not allow me to get to the CW open house. So hi to all the fellow CWers I was hoping to meet. I'll be looking at name tags trying to find you in the crowd!

Debbie Kaplan

Re: Convergence Market


The fashion show was great! New music, creative variation in how the models presented the garments, and very diverse. It was well done and thought provoking. Although I helped to hang the garments after the show, I really didn't get a chance to "see" them. That is task #1 today after the keynote! Also, the marketplace was hopping when I had to leave for dinner last night. (I hope that continues.) A surprise, lots of my guild mates are here, some came impromptu on day passes. I would like to hear what others are doing attoday the conference today if (you get a chance!)

Re: Convergence Market


Digital Weaving Norway is also here!! Come and see the TC-2. Meet Vibeke and Cathryn (Digital Weaving USA.... Support, service and training in the US!)

Midwest Weavers Conference 2015

Sue Bye

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota is pleased to host Urban Fiber with a Minnesota Twist, the 2015 Midwest Weavers Conference, June 18 to 20, in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Watch the web site for details.

Midwest Weavers' Association Conference

Convergence Market

Sara von Tresckow

Just FYI -
Looms makers represented with test looms:

plus lots of other goodies from a variety of vendors - would say it is definitely worth stopping by to look around.

Sara von Tresckow, Fond du Lac, WI Dutch Master Loom/Spinning Chairs/xabck
Looms, visit us in Fond du Lac or contact us about your weaving/spinning

Re: Adding Beater Weight

Lala de Dios

Thank you Joe for this master class on rag rug weaving! It is clear that you know what you are talking about. It is first-hand knowledge.

And congratulations on having got over your eyesight problems! I have always had my own also and truly understand you and share your actitude. One must work with whatever it has!

Best wishes.

Lala de Dios

Indigo Estudio Textil
Ciempozuelos 3
28359 Titulcia - Madrid
Tel. 91 8010907 - 658 059627
Fax 91 8010415

El 16/07/2014, a las 00:32, Joe P rugsbyjoe@... [WeaveTech] <WeaveTech@...> escribió:

The width of a rag should be cut so when twisted is as thick as a pencil. This is for the old school weavers that wove with soft 100% cotton rag strips. Poly cotton bed sheeting weaves up different then 100% cotton. When blue jean fabric is added in to the mix. Adding the weight to the beater will help little. The way the weaver beats the weft jean in to the shed has to be changed, so the cross in the nail head weave is not showing between the rows of weft rag. The warp to have a nice tight rag rug is going to have to cut in to the weft rag. so the warp does not move over the top of the rag weft to make the rug stable. Most of the time a weaver thinks, a shot of rag beat a shot of rag beat with soft 100% cotton this is true. Not in the weaving of blue jean fabric.
Keep Weaving 
Joe Bear in WI U.S.A. 

Posted by: Joe P <rugsbyjoe@...>
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Re: Joe's back!

S charles Brookes

Joe, I have learned so much from your contributions to this group.  Thanks.....Spencer in NH

Re: A Great Compliment !!!



I have been reading your posts for years - even back on the rug group before I stopped reading that group and you have no reason to be embarrassed about anything. Your posts are some of the most wise posts in any group I read and I've missed them and I'm glad you're back. I've learned a lot from you about weaving, sewing machines, and about just being kind. Take care and post often.

- Larry

Joe's back!

Louise K

Joe, I for one have missed you and wondered if you were too busy weaving. I am glad you are back and boo hiss to any who complained about how you wrote! Your contributions are/were always spot on and invaluable.

But congrats to you for taking your reading to the next level! That takes a lot of courage.

Welcome back!
Louise in NC

Re: Convergence, marketplace

Jayne F

The New England Guilds applied years ago to host convergence (i guess when it was differently managed.) 
I wasn't a guild member at the time but I believe that no reply was ever made to the application.

As President of the New England Weavers Seminar (NEWS) at that time (1993) I would like to set out the facts correctly. The NEWS Board of Trustees was approached by a New England vendor who desired that the NEWS guilds back a proposal to bring Convergence to Providence. Board members took the idea to their guilds for feedback. I also researched the proposal, having long telephone conversations with Vancouver organizers and with HGA. At the next NEWS board meeting we voted and chose not to pursue the proposal. At that time Convergence was huge and one of the main concerns was how the effort for Convergence would affect our regional conference in the prior and following years.

Jayne Flanagan

See you at Convergence later today!

Re: A Great Compliment !!!

Jane Deane

Dear Joe

I am so pleased to hear that you have had such wonderful results from your eye surgery. 
You are the voice of reason on this group and I always enjoy your posts so much.
Thank you for your wise and kind comments.


Re: A Great Compliment !!!


Way to go Joe - you are a role model for everyone who has ever struggled to learn anything.  I wish you could have come to talk to the students at my school.  You're attitude would have changed many kids lives.  Have you ever thought of writing a book?  Even a short kid-level book would make a big difference.  If you think that you might want to share your story someday - let me know.  I don't know anything about the world of publishing but I'm a good editor and I know kids.  Thanks for sharing.  Virginia Glenn

On Jul 15, 2014, at 1:05 PM, Joe P rugsbyjoe@... [WeaveTech] <WeaveTech@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone 
A lot of weavers want to have fun. They want to set the world of weaving on fire.  They want to re invent the wheel of weaving. With the all the world of weaving short cuts that can be found. with not a great deal of thought to the out come of the project. Jut the fun! 
All of the good tried and true standards of weaving are old fashioned and put to the way side. mostly because they are to much time and to much work. Lets not forget no fun. 
The term (wet Blanket) off of my I phone the definition is. (Someone that wants to put a damper on a good time). 
We all must think back to the time we got our first loom. 
We must also think back to all of the things we thought would work that did not work, because of ego over theory. 
We then had to reach out to the wet blankets for there help. Then we found out all of the fun was gone out of weaving and that there was a lot of thinking and planning that has to go in to the weaving, and short cuts did not cut it. and we also found out we where not going to reinvent the weaving wheel. The wet blankets brought in the reality of weaving a good well made project and all of the steps to accomplish this goal.
A lot of weavers have taken offence at the us using the term wet blanket 
But they let a new term slip right on by that means the same thing, as wet blanket.  (you are old school) and no one seams to mind this term at all. and it means the same thing. We old school weavers have learned all of the good standards of weaving a good project the hard way. and we also take a lot of the fun and ego out of weaving for some. 
Lets just think for a little bit, what would the world of weaving be today if it was not for the wet blankets and the old school weavers? 
I as a old school weaver, and fussy as oh boy. I just sit back and watch the fire and then I am always willing to help with the rebuilding, after the fire goes out. With help that I have done and I know works I give not to much book theory. 
When I joined this group I would read posts about weaving rag rugs from time to time. and when I would send a post to the list a weaver would poke holes in the things I would do. It was about 2 to 3 years later the weaver sent a post to this list and said I wove my first rag rug. I just about fell off my computer chair at that time I had been weaving rag rugs as a production weaver for just 35 years I have not read a post form this weaver on any of the weaving lists I belong to in about 4 years. 
I also am not perfect, I had to use a computer program to read my post to me, because I could not read I also had to use a computer program that did all of my typing by voice. It was problems but at the time but I worked with what I had so I could be a part of a group I made my mistakes and I am going to make a few more, and some of the weavers wanted me to use perfect typing skills and perfect punctuation. I could not do it because I was dyslexic. My weaving friends on the list where kind to all involved. because they new how hard I was working to be a part of a weaving group and no weaver is good alone. But I was embarrassed. So I just stopped posting to the list. 
What have I been doing. I had my right eye rebuilt in March. and found out I am no longer dyslexic. I have been going to the senior center and have met with a couple of seniors that have taken the time to help me with reading. spelling. I also took a typing class and it does take me time to type. I can weave a rug faster. Last Wednesday I had the last operation to my left eye and it will not be until the end of August before I can weave not lint or weaving dust can get in my eye. So more reading and typing can be learned till then.
I no longer need any computer programs to read to me or to type for me by voice. I am going to make a few mistakes.
We all sit in front of a machine that is called a computer. we all at times forget that are real people on the other end, with feelings. We are all cut from the same cloth!
To be thought of as a wet blanket or a old school weaver is to me a great complement of my weaving education. 
Keep weaving 
Joe Bear In WI U.S.A. 

Re: A Great Compliment !!!

Sheila Carey

That is fantastic news Joe!  Enjoy your new found skills while you wait to get back to weaving.  And yes, I just corrected three mistakes in those two sentences and two in this one.

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