Re: CW ballot

Su Butler <apbutler@...>

there are two options: vote for the candidate or
Perhaps CW was unable to secure an adequate supply of volunteers to take on
the responsibilities of the positions thus giving voters an option, so
offered what they could.......


Re: Woolhouse Looms


Is there a website for Woolhouse Looms. I have tried a search through Yahoo,
but don't usually get satisfactory results - and in this case nothing that
led me to a website.

Lynn Danvers - Evergreen CO

ADMIN: Yahoo *will* be off line this weekend


Hi all --

Ruth's message earlier today was correct, until today. The first
announcement from Yahoo about weekend maintenance pertained to the UK groups
site only (not US). However, just today, Yahoo announced maintenance to the
US site as well. The text of their message is posted below in full. In
summary, we will not be able to receive or send e-mails from Fri night to Sun
morning. Although e-mail sent to WeaveTech during that time will be queued,
I would recommend that if possible we all hold off on sending e-mail to
WeaveTech in that time the interest of helping Yahoo clear the
backlog quickly.

If w hear anything else between now and Fri, we'll be sure to let you know.

Amy & Ruth
Co-Admin, WeaveTech

Dear Yahoo! Groups Members,

The Yahoo! Groups service will be down Friday March 15 9:00 PM PST (GMT-8)
as we move our servers to a new facility. We expect the service to be back
up the morning of Sunday March 17. During this time the web site will be
unavailable and email will not be delivered. (Some users may experience
email non-delivery notices, but all email should be delivered once service
has resumed.) Please note: once the service is back up, there will be email
delays due to backlog. We expect these delays to last no longer than 1 day.
Please do not re-send email to your group as it will only add to delays.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Marge Coe <MargeCoe@...>

Now I'm gainfully employed I'm treating myself to a long lusted for digital
camera which I want to get before Convergence. I confess, I've somehow
deleted all the messages I saved on this subjects. I did save them for a
loooong time so perhaps some of what they said needs updating (that's my
excuse anyway). I went to the archives, but the group of messages predate
those (or the subject matter didn't have anything like "cameras" in it !)

In the very old messages were details of what to look for in features
particular useful to a weaver. Someone, I thought it was Wheat, provided a
detailed explanation, spelling out what's optimum for close ups (thread by
thread pictures), etc.

I don't want to rehash an old subject, but features change and I'm
bewildered . . . the list is quiet anyway. Thanks for your help.


Margaret Coe
Tucson, AZ USA

CW ballot

Ruth Blau <ruthblau@...>

I've just gotten my ballot for election of Complex Weavers officers. For each of 4 positions, there are two options: vote for the candidate or abstain. I encourage CW in future elections to provide a space for write-in candidates. It simply *looks* more fair than a ballot on which members must either vote the way the nominating committee has suggested or abstain from voting at all.

That said, I'm truly grateful to all who are willing to serve (every minute they spend on CW stuff is a minute they can't spend at their looms) and to all the others who work so hard on the CW board on the seminars.


Re: Cameras

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

We use the Canon S110 and it gives great closeups. It's simple to operate on
Auto mode but a little harder on manual mode. All digital cameras use a
slower shutter speed, so for super detail of fabrics consider a small

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

Out-of-Print Journal

Jyoti Coyle

Looking for an original edition of The Textile Museum Joural 1985. If
anyone has one they are willing to sell, please reply off-list to

Jyoti Coyle

new member

ERIN LOUNSBERRY <cenedra@...>

I am a new member with weavetech. I am a student at the Alberta College
of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I weave my own fabric
designs, and hope to start my own company one day. I look forward to
getting tips, and perhaps giving, from all of you! I am currently
looking for a summer position as well. Email me privately for more
Erin Lounsberry

Re: Lunatic Fringe

Lois <books@...>

Brucie Connell wrote:

I hope they don't disappear as I don't know of another source for the
really fine silk.
Treenway Silks in British Columbia has a wide selection of silk yarns.

Lunatic Fringe

Brucie Connell <bruciec@...>

At 07:46 PM 3/10/02 -0500, you wrote:
I think they are still in business, but not the same as before.
Phone number is (850) 653 8747. I called several weeks ago and left a
message. Didn't hear back for several days and had already found what I
wanted elsewhere. Tough way to do business.
I was in contact with them a while back. In talking with the female half of the owners, I found that her spouse had gone back to work outside the business and I got the impression that she was also working outside and trying to deal with the business as well. I am not sure about that part but in any event she is stressed.
I hope they don't disappear as I don't know of another source for the really fine silk.

Re: Griswald

Murphy, Alice <amurphy@...>

UNLESS you have a total hard drive crash as happened to me, am now collecting addresses to put on my computer at home, before I overload this one at work! New computer is MUCH better than the old one.
Can even print off winweave patterns in full color now.
Starting to plan some new fiber things. wArped up the cards for this weekend's fiber retreat.

"Weavers get warped, Spinners get a twist, Dulcimer players fret but Librarians get booked!"

Re: warp lint/snarling

Mel Stearns <mstearns@...>

We've also had this problem if the warp hasn't been wound well. With winter
in a home with wood heat/dry heat, the pegs in our warping board tend to
come loose and move and if we don't check the warping board first and catch
it, the warp itself is less than pleasant to work with. Start by looking
over your warping board to make sure the sides are true and the pegs are in
securely and straight.

My DH has glued those pegs a few times.

Re: Lunatic fringe

Tom Vogl <tpv@...>

They are still in business. Just ordered from them with good results.
Great colors.

161 Ave C
Apalachicola, FL 32320


"The difference between theory and practice is bigger
in practice than in theory."

Re: selvedge rollers

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

I have the selvedge rollers on two of my looms.
It would be really great if they also had a way of forming
their own shed.
Selvedge beams/rollers/bobbins are a great help, we use them and they were
shown in several old texts ( one is Luther Hooper, " Handloom Weaving " 1920
ed. ), It's good that one loom maker has started supplying them, maybe
others will too someday.
There is an easy way to have the selvedges operate without using two shafts
to do it for two shuttle weaves. See my old articles : SS&D, 1985 Fall # 64
Selvedge System, 1988 Fall # 76 Selvedge System. You'd have to add a
couple of lamms to the loom and an upper jack, but it's not hard, there's an
old CB loom behind me right now with the device on it.
If you do decide to add the device, there's an error in one of the articles
which was added after it was submitted, by someone who did not entirely
understand the principle, so contact me for the correction.

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

Re: warp lint

peter collingwood <peter@...>

I wonder if the warp-lint sufferer has her lease rods tied to each
other, so that they have to be moved back as a unit? I have always been
told (and followed this rule) to tie each stick to itself with a long
cord going from one end to the other. Then they can be moved back
separately, minimising any tangles, snarls, between them especially with
Keep them in the back position with two loops of cord tied to back beam,
which go round both of them.
peter collingwood,

Re: selvedge rollers


Hi Doreen,

I have the selvedge rollers on two of my looms. I was using large fishing
weights but find the rollers *much* better! They keep the tension higher on
the outer threads than the rest of the warp so the thread pulls from the
shuttle sooner and the edges don't pull in so much. I still use a temple with
some fabrics. It would be really great if they also had a way of forming
their own shed. Right now, if the pattern doesn't have a threading that
accomodates a selvedge threading, I use 2 harnesses for them. That's my
opinon; I'm happy with them.

Janice Jones

Re: warp lint

Robin Lynde <rlynde@...>

Then, the warp ends
get stuck at the cross where the lease sticks are. When I check,
lint from the threads has formed these little snarls that have the
warp all stuck.
I don't keep the lease sticks in. Then I never have those kinds of problems.
Wind the warp with 2 crosses--a raddle cross and a threading cross. Use the
raddle cross (threads grouped per # in an inch--or whatever your raddle
spacing is) to spread threads in the raddle at the warp beam. After it is
secure in the raddle, remove the lease sticks and put them back in at the
threading cross.
Robin Lynde
Meridian Road Studio and Meridian Jacobs
Vacaville, CA

Re: Re :Knopf Drafts....

Teresa Ruch

I will send on your request to the person who organized the initial sales of the looms, etc. They give an interest look into the personalities of weavers of the time and amusing. I personaly have some unease about this as I am sure Oscar would not approve. But they are highly amusing. He was an individual of strong opinions. Teresa

From: Brucie Connell <>
At 01:01 AM 3/10/02 -0800, you wrote:
We also have much of his correspondence. Very
interesting and amusing. He kept copies of his letters and the replys
other weavers.
Would it be appropriate to approach a publisher and see if this information
could be made available to many?


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Re: warp lint

Laura Fry <laurafry@...>

By 8/2 cotton, I'm assuming you are referring to yarn purchased
in the US?

8/2 cotton from Canada has a higher twist than US 8/2 (generally
speaking). It is not as high twist as cotton rug warp, but
in between. I find that using Canadian (or Swedish) 8/2 cotton
there is very little pilling.


Laura Fry

warp lint

ten_lake <twillothewisp@...>

I'm a new member, have been weaving for a few years but still
consider myself a relative novice. I'm having a warping problem that
I've never seen addressed.
The first part of the warp winds on pretty well. Then, the warp ends
get stuck at the cross where the lease sticks are. When I check,
lint from the threads has formed these little snarls that have the
warp all stuck. It's annoying and time-consuming to pick it all out
and it really messes up the tension.
I'm warping back to front to try to minimize the movement of the warp
but it still happens. I have been using mostly unmercerized cotton as
Can anyone suggest a remedy?