and another workspace

Lucille Crighton

My studio consists of 3 large rooms on the second floor of my house.

Room #1 has a 48" AVL loom, 2 computers, 2 computer desks, office
supplies/files, a design desk and a 15 ft wall of books, magazines and
colour co-ordinated binders. (black for AVL fabric swatches, red for dyed,
blue for wadmal, purple for summer&winter, etc.)

Room #2 has floor to ceiling shelves of yarn on all 4 walls. The yarn
follows the colour wheel around the room. The finest yarn on the top shelf,
chenilles and fancy yarn in the middle and mohair and wool at the bottom. In
the middle of the room are 45" and a 22" looms and 2 tables.

Room #3 has a 40" x 8' surface in the middle of the room. The surface holds
4 large olfa cutting boards, a padded iron surface and a boiler iron.
Shelves are underneath for shoulder pads, interfacing etc. Also underneath
is a large art cabinet system. I keep my clear plastic jacket patterns flat
in these drawers.
The industrial serger and sewing machine are along the wall. Also a floor to
ceiling shelf holding commercial fabrics for facings and linings and another
shelf with bins (yes, colour co-ordinated) for leftover bits of woven fabric
which eventually end up as pieced jackets.

Only problem is that leaves no room to sleep. I wonder who invented the
Murphy Bed?
Lucille Crighton

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