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I have recently been considering the idea of building a multiple
dwelling for artists that includes studios and was tring to figure
out how much space to allot. How many units and what sort of
would be needed? Does any one out there think this would be a
worthwile adventure -- are all weavers "family" people with houses
and studios or are some looking to establish themselves?

I think the most exciting part of this move is the decision to
weaving full time. Now I have to figure out the best place to do

I think that would be a grand Idea! I have wanted to do similar for
many years but how? It would take lots of money. I have a small
wooded area in the mountains between NC and VA and have thought it
would be nice to build several cabins and a large studio/conference
center/school/retreat for the arts. When I looked into the cost it
was unbelievable. Even though we're way out in the country and building
codes are rather slack, each cabin will cost at least $20,000 and
that's before any furniture or equipment forget paying for people to

It would be nice and I hope you can do it but, I will have to wait.
Maybe when I retire?

Mike Davis

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