Studio Discussion


Has everyone given up the BIG looms?
My problem seems to be that I want to house two 60" looms, a 100
shaft drawloom and a AVL Technical Dobby.

I have a studio that is 30 x 20+ but I can't seem to get enough room
to set up both looms and to walk around them when weaving -- further
more it is not enough space to adequately wind on the warp. (At least
for the drawloom)

As some folks know I am "temporarily" located in NJ, but am planning
my return to MT within the next year. I have to decide whether to try
to find a house with enough space -- or to plan on building it.

I have recently been considering the idea of building a multiple unit
dwelling for artists that includes studios and was tring to figure
out how much space to allot. How many units and what sort of Gallery
would be needed? Does any one out there think this would be a
worthwile adventure -- are all weavers "family" people with houses
and studios or are some looking to establish themselves?

I think the most exciting part of this move is the decision to begin
weaving full time. Now I have to figure out the best place to do that.


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