Re: studio


I've enjoyed hearing the various studio setups from many of our
members. Today I am very fortunate here in western PA to have an ARTS
STUDIO separate from my home, 4 miles upriver on the Allegheny, but
that was not true until about 5 years ago. During those many years
previously [20+] we rented a small bi-level home in another town to
the north -- 4 small bedrooms, kitchette & Living Room + basement
which flooded regularly -- with DH & 3 growing children who
eventually colleged us almost into the poor house! [They're now in
the 30's but one is still in Law School.] I managed, between our home
& my Dad's Apartment, to spin with 9 wheels & weave on a Baby Wolf 8,
BW 8 w/Combby, 12 shaft Nilart with double beam [which luckily folded
up] & table looms 8 & 12. So I literally took over parts of each
section of the house & that included my library of books & samples &
textiles which literally filled the walls everywhere. The trick was
to switch equipment from room-to-room &, in good weather, out onto
the porch. As each went off to college they forfeited their space
right off but not necessarily willingly. Somehow I also researched,
taught & bound my book from both locations.

This all changed in 1996 just when it seemed we would have no place
to hang out hats, not alone "stuff"... we moved farther south to a
wonderful authentic log home of 4000 square feet overlooking the
river in Foxburg PA. [Now we rent only from the bank.] Here I have
a huge office embarrassingly filled with computer equipment & wall-to-
wall banker's boxes of workshop materials [the wall-to-wall thing
hasn't changed]as well as suitcased in a basement room [which doesn't
flood]. Here I reason it's OK to accumulate my "wealth" as I also
continue to research, write & teach "computer textile design" as well
as "handspinning basics, worsteds, etc".

Altho I never even dreamed I'd have my own separate Studio, sometimes
magic happens. Four miles away in Emlenton PA is my ARTS STUDIO where
all the weaving happens -- a whole building on a double lot, 3 floors
[3 BRs, 2 full baths, kitchen, dining room, office, video rooms &
attic] plus a full 2 floor extension --> the main level has all our
looms & computers which now also includes ANNI ALBER'S BAUHAUS CM
LOOM which we rebuilt & a David Thorpe interfaced loom from NZ with
air lift [the only one in the Americas]. The lower level houses
yarns, warping equipment, tables & blackboards for 8-10 students.
Although ARTS has been open for 4 years, the last of the building
renovations as of this month are finally completed!

I welcome anyone who wishes to come to visit. We are located between
Exits 5 & 6 off I-80. Just let me know you're coming so I can be
available to share time. Thanks for sharing your space & listening
about mine. Sigrid

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