Re: Weaving with plastic

Inga Marie Carmel

Plastic rugs were a staple in Swedish kitchens when I was a kid. I think they may still be, but the designs are better. The ones I remember from back then were mostly in Rosepath. We have some in the summer house there that are probably 50 years old. The plastic is just in the weft, and it’s not recycled newspaper bags or whatever. They’re a lot like the Swedish rag rugs. Google “plastmatta” and you’ll see a bunch of them. 


Inga Marie Carmel
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On Dec 14, 2022, at 19:50, Isabelle Fusey <ifusey@...> wrote:

I once wove a "coat" using carpet warp for the warp and strips of plastic bags in the weft. It was for a fun fashion show. The coat hanged in my studio for about 5 years but I had to discard it because the plastic started to disintegrate and shed.

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