Re: Friction brake on Nilius Leclerc 4 harness loom

Elizabeth Moncrief

Unscrew to loosen the wing nut which will ease the tension on the turnbuckle. Email direct if you’d like to talk on the phone 😊

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On Nov 22, 2022, at 2:06 PM, Louise Yale via <cafeina@...> wrote:

The brake is loose.

Looked up the Lecelrc website for "Friction Brake Information."

The computer responded that the "URL was not found."
Emailed Leclerc re: web site problem

The English instructions from Leclerc say to unscrew the wing nut and then
the turnbuckle.

Which way?

I noticed that the information in French appears to be more detailed.
Tried using a computer translator and received bizarre, nonsensical

Any hints are appreciated.

Louise in NorCal

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