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About a year ago, I bought a small loom from a family who was helping a weaver to move from her home of many years.  When I went through everything included, I found that I had many of the same books in my own libary and had decided that anything I could sell would generate funds to continue to support the lecture series set up to honor weaver Ellen Willson—"Threads of Interest". 


Some of you may have 'attended' (via Zoom) the Kaffe Fassett lecture in March 2021, and a later one by Linda Cortwright of Wild Fibers Magazine.  This winter we featured Katherine Tilton and Carl Stewart. 


I have a list of 50 books, with subjects ranging from knitting, natural dyeing, to spinning, weaving, and rugs.  Please contact me personally if you would like to peruse the entire list and I will email it to you individually.  I have checked ABE and Amazon for current prices, and chose the lowest price. First come, first served. 


Here are some of the books that are of particular interest to weavers. 


Handwoven, Tailor Made, Sharon Alderman & Katherine Wertenberger, 1982, paperback, $50


New Key to Weaving, Mary Black, 1971, Hardback, $50


Techniques of Rug Weaving, Peter Collingwood, 1968, hardback, $95



Handbok av Vävning, Bindningslära med Konstvävnader, Ulla Cyrus-Zetterströmm 1970, hardback, $30


Weave on,

Nancy Hedberg


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