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Elizabeth Moncrief

Jan, great idea and its good to know that we have a yarn source fairly close (I’m just north of Seattle) but they dont have anything finer then a 10/2 cotton and no search engine to go straight to a fiber/yarn/size.  I did try the chat just to make sure. These folks appear to be more in the medium weight weaving sizes - but its still a good source to have. THANKS!!

Liz Moncrief 
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On Mar 14, 2022, at 9:28 AM, Jan in Seattle <artmd@...> wrote:

Hi Liz,

I was given multiple cones of parallel-wound yarns. They are marked Yarnia - Portland’s only DIY yarn store. It is now online only. Go to or There is a cute video showing such a cone being wound. You can design your own combinations or purchase from inventory.

Jan Silver

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