Re: Dyeing help

Jane Eisenstein

I'm currently creating dye samples using direct application and mini-full immersion techniques taught by Carol Soderlund. I repurposed my Brod and Taylor bread proofer for batching the samples. 

Yesterday, I ran a 9 mason jar set of mini-full immersion samples in the proofer overnight. I turned the bread proofer temp down to 95F from 100F when I discovered there were hot and cool spots inside the proofer. According to an infrared thermometer this morning, the jar temps ranged from 89F to 99F with the proofer set to 95F. 

The direct application samples are laid out on 11"x14" plexiglass and batched in plastic bags.  I tried stacking sample sets using cooling racks as spacers, but found the bottom layer overheated while the top layer was barely warm.

I like the idea of using a seedling heat mat to keep direct application samples warm in my basement dye lab. Will check that out.


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