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Elizabeth Moncrief

Linda,  if you’d like to email me directly  it might be more efficient or we could do a phone call if that would help. 

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Thank you! Thank you everyone for your help!

I noticed a common theme..."hot water temperature". When I dug out my thermometer to check, my water temperature was well below 140, so I added more boiling water than I had been, and did another long synthrapol soak. And it worked.

Lesson learned - when using a different container than you usually use, "eyeballing" the usual tap water to boiling water ratio may not be quite as scientifically precise as you hope. :( I suspected it was going to be one of those "doh!" reasons, which is partly why I didn't want to call ProChem first. ;)

Thank you Suki, Tien, and Sara for the specific temperature recommendation, and thank you Tien for the detailed description of your routine. I appreciate hearing about different experiences with soda ash, and temperatures, with silk. As Liz says, there is a lot of advice out there, so it helps to hear what others experience.

Liz, you mention "dye-set" from Jacquard. Would that help when I am also dyeing rayon?

Denise, are you talking about immersion dyeing or direct application like warp painting? I was worried about leaving the silk in the immersion bath with the soda ash for longer than the 60 minutes. The advice about room temperature is helpful, especially when I'm used to it being hot in Florida, but now it's winter.


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