Re: Minister's Stoles

Sally O

I just wove one this summer/fall, and thankfully, I was sent an existing stole as a source for the pattern.

Weaving was easy, assembling the stole was the scary part for me, as there was only one piece of fabric, and not much of a Plan B if things went awry.

- A cut-out around the neck area made it hang on the shoulders more naturally.
- I wove a full width sample to work out the design details (in an alternate color to keep it interesting)
- The stole was lined, so I asked if the lining should match in color, or be white or black.
- For the V in the back - it was not cut at a 45 degree angle (it was far steeper), and I added two small weights to make sure it hung down and did not want to curl up when turned.
- I wove the fabric side-by-side (double width - not one single long length), so the patterns would line up perfectly when assembled.
- I sewed a complete mock up before cutting into the actual cloth.

Frankly, it was a lot more work than I realized when I said yes to the project.

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