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Joe P

Hi everyone 

I don't understand the below I have never sent spam to the list 

Joe Bear in WI U.S.A.

weavetech@groups.io <weavetech+owner@groups.io>
Sun 10/17/2021 11:07 PM
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You have been automatically removed from weavetech@groups.io because your Email Service Provider reported to us that message Question: Resources for Cut Pile rug Weaving from weavetech@groups.io has been marked as spam.

We suggest that you check your spam folder as soon as possible to see if your Email Service Provider has diverted other legitimate messages into it.

You will receive no more emails from that group. If this was a mistake, you can resume your subscription within the next 7 days by clicking the following link:

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If this happens repeatedly please check with your Email Service Provider to learn about how they decide to send feedback reports to list services (such as Groups.io groups).

The Groups.io Team

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