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Years ago, it was not this list it was Rug Talk there was a man, who would post once in a while, I am going back, Maybe about 13 years, or maybe a little longer. He was involved big time in to pile rugs. I remember in one of his posts to the list, he put a link in a post. There were four ladies siting, weaving on a hug rug, their backs were to the camera, the camera zoomed in from behind the ladies to the one of the lady weavers, hands. Those hands moving right along, making the knot and the knife cut the yarn and she kept right on going. The video was not to long I remember watching the video more than once, The weaver never cut/trim the pile, with a scissors in the video. The video the weaver posted to this list is the first time I have seen the use of a scissors trimming the pile. My mistake I am sorry.

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As I wrote earlier, I wove pile rugs a very long time ago. But these Bedouin women were poor and very thrifty.  They didn’t waste one centimeter of yarn.  They worked off of one long continuous length of yarn, not precut pieces. I don’t remember exactly how but I’ll try to find out. Now I’m intrigued.  I just wish that I could remember. Jennifer

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I have done two full sized rugs and some smaller pieces. There is NOT all
that much "waste". The process is quite time consuming and the amount of
wool that is cut off in a week or a month is very  small once you learn how
to make good knots. I have always made a row with a small amount of overage
and then trimmed it with a good scissors and it is more like shaving than
And I am beginning to wonder just why all the resources, except for the ones
that I have listed are from Western weavers with no experience with those
who weave traditional carpets.

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