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Ian Bowers

Wheel driven spindles (spinning wheels) were developed in C12 or thereabouts. These greatly enhanced productivity and were surely the main source of yarn for all types of uses until usurped by the spinning Jenny. 

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Hi Jean, et al
All fabric pre industrial revolution were made with spindle spun yarn/thread so I don’t find it hard to believe that fabric for sails was spun this way.  The spindle was carried everywhere all the time. Spinning lends itself to multitasking- I.e. spinning while performing other tasks. To misquote Ed Franquemont: ‘Drop spindling is slower by the hour but faster by the week.’

I’m curious about the time for spinning for a sail. Was a year the estimated length of time that it took for one spinner to spin enough yarn for a sail- or multiple (how many?) spinners?  Interesting topic. All the best with the book. 

Peace. D Taylor, DVM

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