Historic Spinning question


Thanks to all who replied. Louie usually documented his sources, but this note has no reference!  Ah well, we will put together the best answer we can.

I know it sound impossible that drop spindle spinning could produce enough yarn for sails, but it did.  Remember, sails of earlier times would have been much smaller than those for later ships.  Even so it appears to have been an almost Herculean task!   Some of the references he has cited regard the mechanization of spinning and weaving as the most important gains of the Industrial Revolution.

Patrice, I appreciate your kind words. I'm glad Louie provided you with good information.  He so enjoyed sharing what he had learned with anyone who was interested.  Whatever he became researched, he approached with 100% involvement. He always wanted to know the how, when, where, and why of things.  On ships like VASA, he would try to analyze exactly how the sail was made and how any attached rope work was done. Then he would draw it and finally replicate it to the smallest detail. I just hope Nat and I can do justice to his dedication.


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