Re: Historic Spinning question

Neal Goman

In Spinoff Summer 2001, Peter Fowler had an article about Viking sails. He gave a rough estimate for the amount of time (1 year at 14 hours per day if I remember correctly) needed to spin yarn for a sail using a drop spindle.

On 9/7/2021 11:10 AM, bigwhitesofadog wrote:
It's hard to know exactly what he is talking about when he says "cord driven spindle wheel".  A great or walking wheel, which tends to produce a soft yarn  uses a spindle, but can make a harder twisted yarn.  My guess would be that the walking wheel is what he meant by handspindle, and the cord driven spindle is the spinning Jenny that Ian referred to.  A treadled spinning wheel with a flyer and bobbin doesn't use a spindle, but it can make very hard yarns.  Both treadled and walking wheels were in use when machine spinning started.  Having made sails, I find it hard to see enough hard spun yarn coming from a drop spindle, which is what comes to my mind when I read handspindle.  

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