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Hi Everyone and Liz M

The HD Designs Rug Loom designed by Peter Collingwood. Is an ok loom. The loom has 4 shafts. In order to do the one-time tie-up Peter designed you will need not 6 but 8 treadles. The sheds open in jack rabbit fasion, weaver using both feet, to open a shed. We all know when we open the shed on a countermarch loom the weaver can only depress 1 treadle, if we try to depress 2 treadles down the loom will lock and no shed will open. This is not the case in using the tie up Peter designed. The tie up works like a skeleton tie-up for countermarch. the weaver will have all 4 shaft tie-ups. 

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Thanks Sara
Ive just learned that this setup is used on the HD rug loom, designed by Collingwood…tho he wrote this piece that I was referring to in the Quarterly Journal in Britain in 1957, long before he was working with HD on the loom.   What a guy.

I also realized that if I put all lams side by side on one rod, then I can’t use Kati Meek’s ingenious tieup system, using only half of the cords. Mine is a Toika and has the upper lams corded to the bottom shaft bar but the lower lams corded to the jacks or coupers.  I guess I’m not sure on your explanation of the lower lams on your Cyrus.  Would you be willing to send me a photo of what you’re describing? 
Thanks so much for your response. Looms Mechanics are my thing.😊

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> On Aug 18, 2021, at 6:31 PM, Sara von Tresckow <sarav@...> wrote:
> I once owned a Glimakra "Aktiv" that had all the lams at one level, 2 per
> shaft. It worked, but I can't say that it was decidedly better or worse than
> having the lams at two levels. You still have the lams pivoting on one side
> of the loom.
> What does make a difference is to use half floating lams as on the Cranbrook
> looms where the upper set rides on the lower shaft bars, or the Ulla Cyrus
> where both sets ride up and down. The upper ones ride the lower shaft bars
> like the Cranbrook and the lower lams are supported by two cords coming from
> the shafts.
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