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Elizabeth Moncrief

Thanks Sara
Ive just learned that this setup is used on the HD rug loom, designed by Collingwood…tho he wrote this piece that I was referring to in the Quarterly Journal in Britain in 1957, long before he was working with HD on the loom. What a guy.

I also realized that if I put all lams side by side on one rod, then I can’t use Kati Meek’s ingenious tieup system, using only half of the cords. Mine is a Toika and has the upper lams corded to the bottom shaft bar but the lower lams corded to the jacks or coupers. I guess I’m not sure on your explanation of the lower lams on your Cyrus. Would you be willing to send me a photo of what you’re describing?
Thanks so much for your response. Looms Mechanics are my thing.😊

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On Aug 18, 2021, at 6:31 PM, Sara von Tresckow <sarav@...> wrote:

I once owned a Glimakra "Aktiv" that had all the lams at one level, 2 per
shaft. It worked, but I can't say that it was decidedly better or worse than
having the lams at two levels. You still have the lams pivoting on one side
of the loom.
What does make a difference is to use half floating lams as on the Cranbrook
looms where the upper set rides on the lower shaft bars, or the Ulla Cyrus
where both sets ride up and down. The upper ones ride the lower shaft bars
like the Cranbrook and the lower lams are supported by two cords coming from
the shafts.

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