Can anyone tell me more about this loom?

Sally O

According to the label this loom was made in Prague. Checking in with an American living in Prague for 8 years, I learned the street address still exists but not the company, as far as they can tell.

It's a very large (32" weaving width, about 36" deep and lightweight), 4-shaft table loom with a shaft-lifting mechanism is similar to the Louet Klik, or Eric de Ruiter's traveling loom. It stands 10" tall, so the heddles (wire-open eye, not flat steel) are very short. Approximately 75 heddles per shaft. The cloth-to-front beam ratio is barely 3 fingers, so one can't weave a rug or heavy pile on this loom. (Its about the same distance as on a Dorothy or Voyager.)

The reed is marked 80 cm and also has 288 embossed on it. (288 divided by 32" = 9 epi). The beater is not fixed to the frame in any way, nor is there evidence it ever was attached. It came with a very long, thin, stick shuttle.

- Any speculation on when it might have been made?
- If it is a specific-use loom, what cultural weaving traditions in cloth might have been practiced on this loom?
- Where else can I investigate? (I contacted the curator and librarian at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, they had not seen one like this before)

Surely this can't be a unicorn - any enlightenment greatly appreciated.

BTW - It seems functional and I plan to warp it next month for a fall demonstration hosted the historical society who now owns it. I am in hopes a family member who donated it can be coached to weave on it for the event.

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