Wide Loom Tension

Joe P

Hi Everyone and Sandra  

To have good selvages is depending on how well the warp is made and put on the beam.

The problem you are having is working with two rachets one on each side of the loom. If you are advancing your warp you will have to count the clicks in adding tension to your weaving


If you set the tension on the right side of the loom standing in front of the loom you might be able to get 5 clicks of the rachet. Then when you go to the left side of the loom you can only get 3 clicks of the rachet. This will throw the shots of weft off as well as the selvages on a wide loom.

Back the tension off on the right side of the loom to 4 clicks and add one more click to the left rachet. Each rachet on you loom has to be set the same number of clicks of the rachet.  This has to be done with any loom with two rachets. The width of the loom is also going to play a big part in working with the two ratchets I have had a wide Leclerc and the biggest Glimakra 11-1/2 feet wide.  When you get this figured out you will be good to go it is just a little practice.

Now when you add in to the mix the design of a AVL loom that is wide the loom has two live weights one on each side of the loom the weights go up at the same time and back down when the warp is advanced everything is equal. I am sad to say I have not read Katies book.

Keep Weaving 
Joe Bear in WI U.S.A.

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