Up Date Zoom

Joe P

Hi Everyone 

I got the call from the senior center that it was my turn to learn how to use zoom. This past afternoon was first lesson. 

It is a government program for seniors. It is not the normal computer classes held at the senior center. We are loaned an Apple 10 tablet; A hot spot is from a library to be renewed like a book every 3 weeks. a great easy to read instruction book. With great pictures as well and big print. One on one with teacher.  

We got started at 1:00 and 45 min later I was Zooming with the teacher. I can say this There is not a lot to Zooming. If I can learn it anyone can. All that has to be done is type in an ID number and a pass word. I am not to this point yet I just wanted to see how zoom worked today. 

From the senior center I went to the library and got the hot spot thing.  

I got home and I figured out how to connect my WI-FI and I am not sure how to connect the hot spot I will have help with that. Later tonight. Now all I have to do is practice with the tablet for this week and the end of next week is second class.  

I will be able to learn how to post pictures of my weaving. A weaving work shop on zoom might be fun.  

Keep Weaving 
Joe Bear in WI U.S.A.




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