Re: Question about zoom

Sally O

Joe – this is very exciting!

DO take advantage of any free training or gear offered, as many of my guildmates participate in Zoom calls from their cell phones or tablets. However, a tablet or computer monitor will be far easier than a cell phone, because the screen is much bigger.

Some participants will log in with two different devices, using their phone (because it has a camera and microphone to project their image & voice) if their computer is not equipped to do so. (They will watch on their computer.)

Also, as someone also noted, there is a "chat box" and sometimes also a "Q&A" box (depending on the type of Zoom service the organization has procured.) You can type comments / questions into the chat or Q&A box, even if you do not have a microphone or camera on your system. You can choose to share those comments with "everyone" or direct them to a specific person from the "participant" list.

However, I don't think you can increase the type size in those boxes, so they might be hard to view, even on a tablet.

Note that you have to open those windows from the bottom of a Zoom screen - they do not automatically appear. In fact, many of the Zoom commands disappear until you roll your mouse over the Zoom screen and suddenly they pop up. (It is my observation they pop up in different places on different devices, so some one-on-one training with your particular device might quicken your learning curve.)

HGA's "Textiles & Tea" sessions are offered for free, every Tuesday at 4 pm eastern time, via Zoom. You can go to the website and sign up to receive the Zoom link. You could test out your current set up and see what you think. (...and hey, today just happens to be Tuesday!)

For the Textiles & Tea episodes on Zoom, there is a 500 attendee limit. For those who don't get into a particular Zoom session, the sessions are also broadcast on HGA's Facebook page simultaneously. You do not have to belong to Facebook to watch. They are also recorded and then uploaded to HGA's YouTube channel, so you can watch at a later date.

I am looking forward to seeing you on a Zoom call in the future, Joe!

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