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Sorry, I am self taught and I still don't understand...I did read and re-read the book, this concept just isn't clicking for me.  I am used to taking the threading and it becomes the treadling sequence, maybe I'm thinking too hard about it, maybe that is what it is and it's just expressed in a different nomenclature?  

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Hi Michelle,
"Pick by pick" means that each weft thread is noted in the treadling, as opposed to a "block by block" profile treadling. It is explained it in the introductory pages.

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Hello from North Dakota, USA.

I am trying to put a pattern I found in a book called "Huck Pattern Collection" into my weaving software so I can weave a shawl.

I am trying to figure out the nomenclature of this huck weaving book - it says:  Treadling: "Pick by Pick Treadling" is given for the multishaft designs (unless states as "Pick by Pick", treadling sequences are given by listing the pattern treadle of the unit to be treadled.  This is a 5 shaft huck that I am trying to figure out what they mean by "Pick by Pick Treadling".

Is there anyone who could help me understand this terminology?  I can honestly say I've read a lot of weaving books and don't recall this one.  Thanks in advance!

Michelle in North Dakota

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