Fiber Question


A little off-topic for weaving, but since many weavers also spin their own yarns, I'm hoping to get some input on a question about fibers. I hope this is okay.  My son is an Aeronautical Engineer working at the National Wind Technology Labs in Colorado at their Wind Turbine Testing Site.  He is working on a project to help assess the impact between birds and turbine blades and to make it safer all around.  For one of his current projects he is looking for easily biodegradable, natural fibers.  The fibers are to be used in some form in a thick gelatin mixture to give it strength.  He is looking for something short staple and/or something that could be cut or chopped up.  We’ve brainstormed a little, but, as I don't spin, I’m not very knowledgeable about fleeces and/or other raw materials.  Please feel free to contact me off list if you'd prefer. Thanks.

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