Re: 16 Harness table loom?

Susan Lee-Bechtold

I think my loom, made by the Norris’s is the earlier Purrington, and there is a bar that flips all the levers.  I love it, not just because it belonged to Freya, but as I said, the size is just right for me.  And the advantage of not having to change , or be limited by tie-ups makes it my choice, most of the time.-the other Su(in Santa Fe)


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Purrington also makes a 16 shaft portable loom with an automatic shaft release.  I think the weaving width is 18”.  One of my friends has one of these table looms (in an 8shaft version) and raves about it.

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Louet do a mechanical dobby loom, in case you want to avoid IT issues - however there you may be limited by the length of the chains.

I think (but I am not sure) that the Voyager's levers go back down after a pick, while you have to move the levers back in position for the Ashford, so if that is correct, it should be quicker. 

There are other 16S makers I am aware of (Harris Looms in the UK and Meta Looms in Belgium), but they are in Europe and it may be too costly to ship over to the US.

I AM envious :-D

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