Re: Any spinners out there? Drive band question

Sara von Tresckow

We repair spinning wheels and do not recommend linen as a material for drive
bands. It is so inflexible that it becomes a hazard to good wheel
maintenance and can be tightened too much.
We prefer cabled cotton seine twine, perhaps cabled cotton a bit thicker,
and waxed for good results that won't damage a wheel (small, delicate
antiques should not use linen).
Of course, there are now many wheels that depend on an elastic drive band -
for those wheels, there is the stretchy material used for o-rings that has
grip and makes the best material to drive a wheel.
I have, on occasion, used round, coated elastic from Joann that was waxed -
and has the ends sewn together to drive an Ashford Country Spinner - it did
work reasonably well.

Sara von Tresckow, Fond du Lac, WI
Author of “When a Single Harness Simply Isn’t Enough” Dutch Master Loom/Spinning Chairs/Öxabäck
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