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Elizabeth Moncrief

Nancy, craft store like Michaels have small (1x2”) zip locks. They may even have small er ones than that now. I have a collection of them that I use...and put a tag inside each, then they all go into a bigger zip lock.

Liz Moncrief,
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On Sep 20, 2020, at 3:48 PM, nancy via <biggins@...> wrote:

good persons, i have two questions.

one.... do any of you have good ideas about how to store little flash drives or memory cards out of cameras??

two.... do you have good ways of marking them? i have always marked things with bright read nail polish but their surfaces are small and the surfaces go inside the relevant ports... i would not want polish to rub off inside a working port

i have been frustrated at the attempts to haul out one item at a time and plug into laptop and see which what what it is, and then go to the next one.

thank you, nancy biggins,

whose sky is still full of smoke but i dont know from which direction or which of several fires known to me. i laughed at me. one does not suppose smoke carries id cards as it passes by one's nose as to where/which it came from.

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