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Elizabeth Moncrief

I think that the longer the warp, the more important the sticks are.  Paper will collapse on the edges with a tensioned warp and especially with a long warp.  I have put on 20 yards with sticks with no issues. 

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What we do at RISD is cut strips horizontally at the desired on a 36" roll, you would have strips that are 36" long and cut to whatever width you need.  This is actually better than a very long piece as you can more easily prevent it from winding on crooked. Each time you insert a new 36" length you can make any adjustments needed.

ALSO, I saw that both Staples and PaperMart advertise 48" wide rolls of Brown Kraft Paper on their websites - not sure about the weight.

Susan Sklarek, Textile Department, RI School of Design

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HI Jane….I use hardwood packing sticks.  They support the warp on the beam the same for the entire width of the loom.  You can purchase sticks specifically for this purpose or make your own from well sanded door stop strips cut to the length you want.  I have also used old wooden yardsticks on warps narrower than 36”.  



Su Butler 😊


I'm awaiting delivery of a new loom with a 43" warp width. My old loom's warp width was 36", so it was easy to find paper wide enough to use winding on the warp. The only paper I've found with a width close to the new loom's  is inkjet paper that comes on 42" wide rolls. This paper would be lighter weight than brown kraft paper, so I'm hesitant to buy some.

I'm wondering what separators others use for >36" wide warps.

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