Re: Historical-possibly hysterical weaving tricks

Selah Barling

Hello Eileen,
My low tech solution when this has happened is to fill a plastic gallon water jug. Hang the replacement thread off the back of the loom. Place the full jug on top. It does require me to get up and release before advancing the warp, but it holds it in place just fine. A weight or small stack of books could serve the same.
Hope this helps,

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A question to all of you much more experienced weavers out there.
Historically, cloth was woven using singles.  Has anyone read period diaries or the such, where it was mentioned how the home weaver laid in a repair warp?  Are there any good references relating to this?  Or, for any of you, how have you handled a broken warp?
In my regular weaving , this isn't an issue as I merely hang a new thread off the back with a weight, then bring the original back when appropriate.   This is not an appropriate method with singles as they just un-twist and come apart.(.even with a stiff sizing, after a while)
Hints, please

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