Re: WIF Visualizer

Sheila Carey

Hi Jane


It’s doing it to me too. 


I’m on a PC using Windows 10 and Firefox .  I can browse to a file and view both structure and colour, but browsing to a second file opens the structure and colour of the first one.  I have to completely close the WIF Visualizer and reload it to go to a second file.  Refreshing the page does not help.


It doesn’t work well with IE at all (I’m not surprised).  In IE I can’t actually read the buttons,  they are small squares.  However if I click on the partial button in the right location I can browse and see the colour but not the structure.  In this case refreshing the page opened the colour from a second file.





Sheila Carey

Courtenay, BC



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Sent: June 25, 2020 12:35 PM
Subject: Re: [weavetech] WIF Visualizer


suki248 I haven't seen that behavior. Please email me information about the device and browser you were using.

In the meantime, refreshing the page where you select the WIF file may be a work around.


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