Re: weaving narrow bands/ribbon on 24" 4 shaft table loom, #bandweaving , #weaving ,4 shaft, #weaving #tableloom #bandweaving

Su Butler

Ian Bowers wrote:

>>> The essential feature of the Inkle Loom is that it produces weft faced fabrics.


Any inkle weaving I have ever done has been warp faced, not weft faced.  So you can certainly do warp faced weaving on an inkle loom.   On a table loom, you *can* do it, but whether you want to or not is another matter.  Table looms don’t have a lot of room to manipulate shuttles and if you are weaving three items at a time that means three shuttles for every row.  It certainly can be done, will depend entirely on your willingness to do it.  They can be warp faced if you like, which would require fewer picks per inch.  Best thing to do is do a sample and see if you like the results before tackling projects, imho.



Su Butler


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