Re: gathering info about studios

Carolyn W. Metzler <cwmetzler@...>

My studio is about 15' by 28' with a funky diagonal wall cutting off a
corner. It the second floor of my house, and accomodates a 30" AVL floor
loom, a 40" LeClerc floor loom, a 36" H'ville floor loom, a 20" Mtn table
loom on stand, sewing machine, ironing board, work table, and assortment of
shelves and book cases for yarns and books, periodicals, etc. I also give
asylum to most of out Guild's supplies. Windows are "smart windows" so
nothing fades with ultraviolet light. It was built as a studio when we did
an addition on our house 4 years ago. I wish I'd put all the electrical
outlets at chest level instead of ankle level. And the studio has a huge
storage bin for fleeces and large bags of rags, fabric, etc. It's a great


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