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There's some validity in that, but it's not new or reserved for online teaching. Many of us have seen our presentations, workshops, and handouts converted by participants to teach the topic themselves.  I actually sat in one guild program where the presenters said ”we took Marg Coe’s workshop and gave it at our guild.”

For a long time we didn't need a code for weaving software, we were honor-bound not to share. The developers’ sales increased significantly once security was included.

Weavers are no better, but no worse than the general population. 


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The teaching unions are deeply concerned about broadcasting their lectures through the internet.  They are concerned that other teachers will make a copy of the lecture and then use them in their own courses.  In addition, that they will not be required to teach in future years as the lecture will be re-issued rather than pay for a new performance. 


I suspect this is a little over wrought, but it is an area of concern which you, as teachers and lecturers may wish to consider. 


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