Re: Remote Learning


Having taught Mathematics and Engineering courses for Universities and Colleges for over 30 years, I would like to add my perspective to this discussion.  I have taught in-person classes and I have taught online classes.  Probably the biggest take-away that have from those experiences is that there is room, and need, for both formats in a learning environment.  Regardless of the method of presentation, or the topic, be it science or arts or weaving, some primary factors for a successful learning experience include 1. How well the material is explained and presented?  2. How accessible is the instructor?  3. How available are the materials for the course?  4. How accessible are supplemental materials? 5. How can the students interact with each other?  Tien's responses in this discussion show that she is aware and concerned about many issues/factors of online teaching and is addressing them in a thoughtful manner.  I think we can all say that we've had good teachers and we've had poor teachers, regardless of the subject matter.  The format of the presentation (in-person or online) doesn't preclude either of these possibilities, it's the instructor and how he/she shares the material to facilitate the learning that really makes the difference.

People's learning styles differ, teacher's teaching styles differ.  As I would do with my teacher's hat on, I will say again, in my opinion:  There is room, and need, for weaving courses taught in-person as well as online.

Harriette Roadman

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