Re: Education

Jayne F

The whole point of CW Seminars (and guild meetings) is to get weavers together face to face. But Seminars is just one facet of CW, there is so much more! Most of the Study Groups have an online presence and they have lots of latitude for conducting their groups, including perhaps hiring a weaving teacher!
Regional CW meetings have also happened, why not online?  WGGBaltimore recently presented their guild meeting's main speaker via Zoom.
Undoubtedly there will be many excellent online opportunities born of this pandemic AND the face to face format will also survive.
Don't rely on CW to rescue this single cancelled Seminar. Give all the volunteers time to breathe; they have enough on their plate preparing for Seminars 2022.
Stay safe!
Jayne Flanagan, recent past CW Study Group Coordinator

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