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Elizabeth Moncrief

I agree with the connectivity issue for many weavers as we still have a lot of rural communities with poor or no reception.

But, just look to what Jane Stafford has done with her on-line guild. I hear that she’s a wonderful success and has a huge following. 
It can be done but it takes the right I’ve seen some poor on-line instruction also. 

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I endorse the online learning fully.  I look forward to the options that it can open up.

Professionally I used webinar often.  I had a very effective firewall in place courtesy of my employer.

Retired and using home-based PC I have tried 3 Zoom Room sessions.  The Anti-virus checker on my PC won’t let me connect due to phishing detected.

I love the idea if online learning.  I wish there was a safer alternative.


Debbie Cummings


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I have to agree with Candace, and we are paying for this class.  We had to leave and start over with 3 different meeting numbers yesterday in Spanish class.  And one of my friends whose computer has no camera has a terrible time getting on at all, and after we got thrown out for the 3rd time she just gave up.  Zoom tells her every time she clicks on her invitation, that there is no class that day!-the other Su


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As long as your internet is good, this is a great option. But if your internet is not, or your students' internet is not, it can be a very frustrating experience. I average 15 Zoom calls a week (I'm a high school teacher) and only the first week didn't have issues where I (the host) have been booted from the call at least twice. We're taking 45 minute maximum classes. Granted, I'm not paying for the service, but there's a lot to think about particularly if people are paying to listen to the Zoom call. People in rural areas just don't have the connectivity as those in more suburban and urban areas. 


I've found Google meets even less reliable. Just my personal experience. 


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We are a bit slow here living just north of Silicon Valley.  We just had our first guild meeting online.  While we have some bugs to work out, most of us agreed it was a great experience to be able to connect while still hunkering down. 


One of our members mentioned that maybe we could extend, ask some teachers we could not otherwise afford because of travel expenses etc to give online lectures.  


I had tried to bring this up to Complex Weavers in 2012 but the software just wasn't as easy as it is now.  There were lots of pros and cons.  Wondering what the teachers out there think of that platform, Zoom or Goggle Meets etc.


I do not think in any way this would erase the need or want of in person experiences but it might give us some access we would not otherwise have, might increase the teachers income being able to give the same lecture with a lot less time investment in travel.  It wouldn't work for everyone all the time but maybe it could fill in some spots?


Penny Peters



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