Treadle and Harness Hooks

Pat Bullen

My husband's father built a lovely loom about 55 years ago.  My husband, Larry, an engineer, modified it 15 years later making new pulleys and hooks.  Fast forward to 1984 when we got married and I started using the loom and started having trouble with the harnesses jumping their pulleys.  Fast forward to our move to WI in the fall of 2018.  Larry recently remade the pulleys and discovered some of the hooks he made to attach the harnesses, lams, and treadles are missing.  We are looking for a source for new hooks.  Harrisville has nice heavy duty lanyard hooks on the end of their treadle chains at $6.50 each.  We just want the hooks or something comparable.  Any suggestions?  We need at least 32 hooks. 
Pat and Larry Bullen

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