Connection from Catalina to Megado 2.0 via Fiberworks problem

Cheryl S

my MacBook Pro does not connect to Megado 2.0 loom via Fiberworks since updating to Catalina.
Bob Keates from Fiberworks said this:

Catalina changed the way drivers for attachable devices work.  The new built-in driver from Apple fails to recognize the USB device in the Megado. Last October, it was possible to download and install the driver from FTDI in place of the faulty Apple Catalina driver, but in December, FTDI updated their driver, and the new one does not work on Catalina either.

Has any other Megado 2.0 user found a way to make the connection through Fiberworks? I'm using the serial-usb cable that came with the loom.
Cheryl Simeone

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