Re: Tempo Treadle

Elizabeth Moncrief

Joe, I’ve had TT since very early on and its marvelous for my needs. Louet Spring, Baby Wolf and the Pup, and I had it on a large Harrisville before selling that one. The unit unplugs and you can carry it to whatever loom you want to use, and then back again. I always use the thread assist, but then use my drafting printout to proof my threading every 40 threads or so. I use Fiberworks and the two work really well together.
I set the TT to give me an ‘error’ message on my treadling...not an ‘ok’ for every shot. Most of my treadlings are in the 40ish range for a complete pattern, however I’ve woven large units that require 360 shuttle shots to complete a unit. I’m always telling folks that I’d rather know right away with an error message than find my mistake in the cloth after 5 inches. Even walking my treadles in rhythmic fashion, I can sometimes ‘catch’ an odd treadle. This program will save you.
In short, I’m TT’s biggest fan and I’d love to talk with anyone considering it. Just email me and we can chat. And do go to or look up Tempo Treadle on You Tube for Dawn’s videos. This is the best thing yet since computer drafting in my mind. Liz Moncrief

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Joe, I have used Tempo Treadle on a 4 shaft Wolf Pup, and it was very helpful for long treading repeats. After I sold that loom, I transferred my Tempo Treadle to an 8 shaft Louet Jane (table loom). It works well with this loom and I’ve woven several projects without any errors. The technology is simple. It’s very easy to use, and I get great technical support from the folks at LoftyFiber. Highly recommended!

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