Red Letter Day

Joe P

Hi Everyone

Today I wove a rag rug 28 X 60. But I still have to take breaks. Oh that is right the only weaver that knows is Sara Von T. I have not posted to much I have had a plate full to take care of. I went to the Sheep and Wool Festival, on Friday. The day after Saturday. I was not feeling to good. I had my friend Marty drive me to the E.R. testing done two types of MRI'S, To be told I had a heat attack. I had two blockages and I now have two stents. No heart damage.  I have had to go slow rest heat therapy. New medications side effects all of the good things. I was told a while ago I could weave but my chest hurt. So in the start I could weave just 2 inches a day. To weave a whole rug in a day  is a great improvement.  

My loom does not have full shaft frames it has shaft rods like a Glimakra or Cranbrook or Toika and texolv heddles. I do not have to lift a lot of weight. That is a good thing. But on the end of the two ends of each shaft bar I have what I am going to call a pig tail wire that go through the top shaft bar and the bottom to hold the heddles on the shaft bars and to keep the shaft bars from sliding out of place. The pig tails turn and get hung up on the shaft in front or behind once in a while. I have had it. I called Marty and said lets go out to dinner Ok. I need you to bring me some new parts or my loom. Marty said I don't have loom parts I said sure you do I need 24 black metal coat hangers. I had 4 Marty had 5 and I am going to go to the second hand store tomorrow and get the rest of what I need. The weather is to be ice and snow if so I am staying in the house I don't need to be in a accident, or slip and fall. I could cut the end off of the pig tails. But I am not willing to do that. I made 4 new wires and they work well not a hang up yet. 

When I get the warp that is on the loom woven off I am going to have to do a lot of changes. The loom was built as a 10 shaft loom 2 of the shafts were added to make the loom 12 but when this was done the shaft bars added are not the same size as all of the rest. I did not notice this when I put the loom together. the 4 shafts are not shaft 11 12 they are mixed in with the other 10 shafts. I do not get a nice clean shed the way it is. I thought it was maybe I was not adjusting the texolv chain cord the right way in working the side tie up on the loom that is not the case. I am going to put the two sets of shafts on 11 12 and see if I get a clean shed. IF not  I am going to go to a wood worker and see if the shaft bars can be reworked if not new ones will be made. Because as it is right now the shed is 1/4 in low from the top down 1/4 of a inch from the bottom up. In this case my sweet spot is cheated. It works fine for weaving with a boat shuttle or a rag shuttle. I have a feeling when I put the fly shuttle on the loom the fly shuttle is going to create problems like flying through a fine  warp and breaking out warps. Or just will not travel like it should from side to side. 

I have been reading Laura Fry's blog. I read it every day like clock work. I get up in the morning and make a pot of coffee and check out Laura's blog I have to be honest I did not understand Ergonomics. In reading Laura's blog with pictures and the way Laura explains in words. Is great. The way Laura flips a boat shuttle works well I never flipped a shuttle thumbs down. I never caught the shuttle between my first and second fingers using my thumb as a bobbin break. It took about 6 inches of practice and it does work. Selvages are for the most part perfect. I then thought I would like to use a AVL end feed shuttle not a fly shuttle Selvages not to good. No control over the flow of the thread off of the pirn. The boat shuttle I used the bobbin is 7 inches I think the shuttle to big. I am going to go digging in the bin of shuttles I have and find a smaller shuttle. I can see how a weaver with practice can gain weaving speed. I also looked at the Videos Laura has on you tube and I found a couple of great weaving tips as well but they deal with warping the loom.

In looking at you tube videos I learned about "Saori Weaving" I have been weaving rag rugs in Swedish style strips. I have colors left over not enough to weave planed rugs out of so I am going to just weave the colors the way I feel. With my old school back round no mistakes in my warp. That is my concept of Saori Weaving.  

Keep Weaving 
Joe Bear in WI U.S.A. 




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