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Nann Miller

I hope they help!!

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Hi Nann
Thank you for the valuable tips.
Louise in NorCal

> I have used a Macomber 8-shaft 48" B4 for over 50 years--20 of those as a
> production weaver.  Alden Amos timed our weaving speed at a shot every
> second to 1-1/4 seconds, so speed isn't the issue.  The hooks do not fly
> off.  During the last 10 years, I have moved to a 16-shaft B5 and the
> hooks still don't fly off.  I also weave on a 24" 8-shaft Baby Mac, and I
> don't have issues there either. I work in a weaving studio with 5 other 4-
> or 8-shaft B4s and they don't have problems. Each of these looms uses a
> different size Super-Hook and I am careful not to mix the hooks up.
> I wonder if you are centering the hook directly over the treadle?  Are you
> making certain the hooks are the correct size for the loom and number of
> shafts on the loom?  As you install (or remove the hooks) do you check
> them to see that they aren't splayed at the top where it bends back?
> Nann Miller
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